Thursday, February 26, 2009

Create your own Polaroids!

Do you remember the old Polaroid pictures? The ones where you would gather around and wait for the picture to show up...or maybe you would wave it in the air a little bit, just knowing that would make the picture show up faster? Since the dawn of digital cameras, do you ever miss the wait for the picture? Maybe you have kids who have never experienced the buildup of excitement as you start to see the beginnings of someones face on that film...

Well, now you can experience it all over again...on your computer! With a quick installation of a program called Poladroid, you can watch your Polaroid pictures developing on your computer monitor in no time! After you have downloaded it, just open up the program, drag & drop your picture onto the camera, wait for the picture to "snap" and then watch it develop before your eyes!
Right click on the picture at anytime and select "I want a sample now!" and it will save the picture in it's current state to your "My Pictures" folder.

Here's the fun I had with the picture above waiting for it to "develop".
(By the way Happy 80th Grandpa!!)


njf said...

Hi, I am enjoying your blog. However, I was really surprised to see the "personal" touch! njf

Michaela said...

That's so cool!