Monday, September 27, 2010

Candy Bar advice

I went to my Sister-in-Law's baby shower yesterday and we played a game I had never heard of.  We got a piece of paper that had a list of candy bars and gum names.  Using that list we were asked to write our words of advice, using as many names of candy bars or gum that we could.  I thought it would be impossible, but after I got a start...I had a great time coming up with more.  All of the stories and advice was great, but since I didn't write them all down, you only get to hear here it goes....
Being a mommy is not always glamorous. When you clean Goobers, Big Hunks, or Chunky Whoppers of dirty diapers.  Get Good and Plenty of sleep when you can to prepare for Marathon sleepless nights.  It doesn't matter if your girl is a Nerd or Smartie, just give her Mounds of Hugs and Kisses.  Don't be a Dum Dum when you Skor with your Sugar Daddy, and be careful, or you might make another Baby Ruth or Junior Mint.
It was such a fun game, and with candy names like Skor, Hot Tamales and Mounds, I'm pretty sure you could come up with a story or advice for a bride to be as well!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

What They DON'T Tell You About Motherhood...

I am a "Boobie Chaser", er uh...that is I follow the blog Boobies, Babies & a Blog, and I absolutely love this post, so I thought I would share it with my readers :)

What They DON'T Tell You About Motherhood...

Hope you enjoyed as much as I did!

Winnter - Take 2

I did not get a reply from my first winner, so I have drawn a new winning number, which is

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Stephanie said...

September 1, 2010 11:59 AM
Congrats Stephanie!!  I will be in touch with you shortly :)

Saturday, September 18, 2010

JumpStart Get Moving Winner

And the winner of the free JumpStart Get Moving Wii game is...comment #41
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Congrats!!  I will be sending you an email shortly.

If the winner does not claim the prize within 48 hours after I have sent an email, I will pick another winner.

Thanks for entering everyone!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Can someone explain to me why women's sized clothing has to be bright bold pattern s or look like it belongs on a 75 year old woman?

Can someone explain to me why you are not able to find hardly any petite length pants or even shirts in women's sizes?  Are there no fat, short people out there in the world other than me?  Some of us don't enjoying having to hem up every pair of pants we own.

I wish I was talented and could be a clothing designer...maybe I could make all my own clothes instead of just having to alter everyone else's.

Rant over...for now....

Monday, September 6, 2010

Cupcake in a jar

Oh my gosh people, check this out it looks so yummy.  I might actually attempt to make this for teachers/day care providers this winter.  It is a cupcake in a jar.  Thank you cakies for this wonderful idea!!

Homemade Baby Food

Yummy, squash!!
With baby number two, I decided to attempt to make my own baby food.  I read all over online and everyone made it sound super simple.  My first attempt was green beans.  They turned out kinda watery and a little too chunky.  I might save them and use them when baby is a little more of a skilled eater.

My second attempt was with butternut squash.  This time I do believe I can declare it a total success. 
The process really is simple.  If I can do it, anyone can.  Of course, I did buy a recipe book of sorts...I needed to have the directions in black and white right in front of my face while I was making the food.  The book that I used is called The Basic Baby Food Cookbook, which  I found on Amazon.  It is the absolute basic on how to steam, process and freeze your baby food.  Also, it is sorted by the age that your baby should eat certain foods, and lists the different minerals and vitamins your baby is getting when eating each food.

So, how do you do it?  Here's the abbreviated version.

Steam your fruit or veggie until well done....way more soft that you or I would prefer.  Do not add any seasonings to the food.  You can use either fresh or frozen foods.  Don't get rid of the water in the pan from steaming the food, it has some of the food's nutrients in it and you will add it to your food when you process it.

Next, let the food cool.  When it has cooled, remove skin if needed and then put in your food processor or blender.  Add about 2 ozs of the reserved water to begin with and start processing.  You may need to add more water, just make sure to do it slowly.  I found out the hard way that adding too much water is not very cool. 

If you have a baby new to eating baby food, you may want to strain the food before you freeze it.  To freeze, just put the processed food into ice cube trays, tap them on the counter to get any air bubbles out and put in the freezer.  Once they are frozen,  you can put them into a freezer bag, and label them with the food and date you made it.  It is good for 3 months!

To serve, put a cube or two into a small bowl, cover it and put it in the fridge overnight.  It should be ready for you the next day.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Looking to Promote your Giveaways?

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