Monday, March 22, 2010


I can't sleep 8 hours a night, but I can lay in any position I want to, and get out of bed without any pain
I can't fit into my pre-pregnancy pants, but I have reached my pre-pregnancy weight
I can't exercise to get my shape back, but I can walk without becoming short of breath
I can't pick up my four year old, but he can sit on my lap while I hold the baby
I can't breastfeed, but I can hold my baby close while I feed him his bottle (and daddy can have a turn too)
I can't just grab my purse and go, but I can stay home from work until the end of April

I can see my feet and toes, (and I can see that I need a new pedicure!)
I can see my ankles
I can fit into my shoes, which I can tie all by myself

There are many things I can't do right now, but I can cherish every moment I have with my family. There are some people that are not so lucky. Remembering this during the tough times helps me get through it.

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