Sunday, August 30, 2009

I Did It!!!

I did it, I did it!!! I hemmed my new pair of maternity pants. Now, since I'm am all of 5'1" tall on a good day, you would think that I do this all of the time. But, for years my mom did it for me. A couple of years ago, she decided I was old enough to do it myself, so she taught me how. Since then, I have been hemming away, right? Yeah, um NO. I have been mostly just rolling up my pants or just waking on them. Terrible I know...moving on. This pair of pants I bought were 5 inches too long, a little bit too long to just roll up (trust me, I tried last Thursday).

A few phone calls to my mom to refresh my memory, then I started pinning my pants. Next the hard part...I had to cut them. This I have never done before...I have always been able to just fold and sew. Who would have known cutting away a little fabric would cause such problems???

After many trials and errors (3 to be exact) I finally got it right! Now I have to go press the hem and they will be done.

Are they even? Who knows... Do I care? Not so much. Who's going to be looking at my feet anyway? They are maternity pants. Everyone will be looking at my growing tummy!!

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Sandy said...

LOL. Your post reminds me of one of the young college girls I work with. Her pants are disgusting. Their long, frayed, dirty....why, cause she won't hem them. She probably wears those way to high heels when she thought they were nice pants. But, for work needs to wear flat shoes; and yes people do notice your feet. Her's they do; though probably you're right when you start blooming eyes will go to your tummie.

Basic skills like hemming and sewing buttons are things all Mom's should teach their kids, girls and boys alike at a young age. It's a skill that's vanishing.

Congrats on your hemming, and congrats on the pregnancy.