Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Quick and Fun Activity

I sometimes struggle to find things for Caiden to do outside that will keep him moving. One of the things he loves to do is ride his bike, but we can't really go anywhere but our driveway because one way is a big hill and the other way is next to a busy road. But I get bored standing at the end of the driveway telling him to turn around all of the time. So last night, I decided to make a road for him to drive on since he is always pretending he is playing Super Mario Kart when he rides his bike.

So I took some sidewalk chalk and drew a road with a few curves in it. Then I put the center line in and added a few "side roads," and gave him stop and go directions at the end of the road. Finally I drew a few arrows in the road to let him know which way he should go. Caiden absolutely loves the road and it kept him going all night long...and tonight too.

Here's a little video of him driving (don't mind hubby working in the background).

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queenoftheclick said...

I love the chalk outline street. My Mom used to put chairs and garbage cans in a line so we could ride between them. Sometimes she would make us chase her on our bike so she could exercise too.