Sunday, June 7, 2009

Blogging in Word

I have Microsoft's Office 2007 and every time I open a new Word document, I notice that there is a new blog post option. I have always wondered what it does, so now I'm trying it out. So this is basically a testing blog. What do I like about it so far…automatic spell check Woo hoo!!

I've changed the font, so we'll see if that works.

Now, let's try to insert a picture.

I call this one "shopping at Lowe's"


Well, I'm going to click on publish now…let's cross our fingers and see how this works.


HHHmmmm…the picture didn't work. I think I need to upload it to photobucket first. Darn it.


So the picture never did work, but this is pretty cool…I now have many more font options at least! And now all my posts can be backed up J

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MOMSWEB said...

Very interesting! I'll have to try this out since I don't post pictures often. Thanks!