Thursday, June 25, 2009

Call me crazy, nuts, whatever you want

But 24 hours from now my best friend and I will be traveling to Chicago to see the New Kids on the Block. Ok, stop laughing, seriously, stop...NOW! Cuz, there's more. This will be the third, yes I said third, time we have gone to see them.

This concert will be outside, which should be interesting. I can see myself getting burned to a crisp!

We will be in the 24th row!!! Closer than ever before!!

Come on now, I know you are jealous. Just admit it.

I'll report back next week...if you are lucky, I'll even post some pictures :)


Gregory said...

I am calling you crazy and nuts... BTW, can they still call themselves the "New Kids on the Block"? Shouldn't they change their names to something like "The Latest Has Beens on the Block"?

LOL... I feel your evil eye glaring in my direction.

Busy Mom in Iowa said...

Dear Gregory:

This is the reason I post my tomatoes for you. Expect a new picture soon.

All my love :-p


Lisa Bischoff said...

We are crazy. But what would life be without a fews nuts? I think if I was a nut I would be an almond. Almonds spread joy to everyone. Hahaha

I am Harriet said...

One of our Sited and Blogged mmoms is going also. How funny!
Have a good time:)