Thursday, August 7, 2008

3x Thursday 8/7/08

3x Thursday: 08/07/y2k+8: In A Different Universe...
1. If you could be animal, what would it be? Why? I would be a dolphin, because I think that they are facinating animals. I have always loved them. So I would be interested to see what it is like to be a dolphin.

2. If you could do one nice thing for anyone in the world (money, time, etc are not important here) For just one person? Hmmm.... I would probably help one of the non-profit compaines here in town to rebuild after the flood. Probably the Boys & Girls club...they lost everything.

3. What are you doing right now? If you could be doing anything else right now, what would it be? Why? I am answering these questions right now. I would rather be sitting on a beach by a warm ocean, because I need a nice relaxing vacation right now and I've never seen the ocean!

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