Saturday, February 12, 2011

Um, Hi...I'm the owner of this blog....

And no, I have not fallen off the face of the earth.  Life is way more busy with 2 kids in the house, than one....especially when one of those kids is a baby who's current favorite activity is to get into absolutely everything!  Not sure how often I'll post on here, I just don't feel like I have much interesting to say these days.  I blame Facebook for some of this!

So, update on my life....

Bennett is now 11 months old. In a few short weeks, he will be 1.  He's not walking on his own yet, but loves to walk with you holding his hands.  He doesn't have any teeth yet, but neither did his big brother at this age.  They are ready to pop any day...I can see both of his top front teeth just under the gums.

Caiden is half way through Kindergarten and is doing pretty well with the exception of last week.  He got into a bit of trouble, one day not sitting still and the next day for bopping is friend in the eye over a Lego.  I was very surprised when the teacher called to tell me what happened.  I didn't know what to say.  Hopefully it was a one time thing.

I have decided it is time to go back to school.  I have one class under my belt, with a B+.  I've decided to take it slow so I don't burn myself out, so my next class doesn't start until March 16th.  As much work as it is, I'm glad I'm doing it.  One day I might even graduate!

I'm better at keeping my other blog, A Road to Hot Mommy up to date right now because I'm training to run my first 5k.  I'm also determined to lose all of this extra weight hanging around.  I'm tired of being so overweight.  I'm searching for some strength training programs to do in my off running days too.  Supposed to help with the fat burn.

Oooooo, and I was one of 4 winners of a $2500 prize for donating to a local charity during one of their donation drives.  So now I have the awful task of picking out $2500 worth of home entertainment equipment to be sent to me...for FREE!!!!  Yes, so far 2011 has been a pretty good year :)

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Yadi said...

Hey busy mom from Iowa,

here a busy mom for the Netherlands, yeah suprise... I am a follower... Just stopped in to tell you (1) I like ure blog, (2) understand somethings (daughter is 10 months)(am a runner myself) and (3) know how hard it is to keep updating on ure blog...

Good luck with it all,
from Holland,