Sunday, October 10, 2010

What?? Can you hear it?

Do all men have hearing problems or just the one I live with?  I have a rule in my house, the volume does not go above 20...what was the TV just on? 24.  I feel like I'm constantly asking hubby to turn down the TV..and I swear he turns it back up when I'm not looking. (Seriously...he JUST did this as I was writing this...he turned the channel I told him it was too loud and looked and it was on 25!!!!)

I know that the commercials are louder than the TV shows, and this is always his excuse (but our Government is working on changing that...thank goodness!)  But when the TV is so loud I have to turn up the volume on the baby monitor to make sure I don't miss my baby crying...that's too damn loud!!

And while we are on hearing problems and men...of course he also has selective hearing when it comes to me.  I can talk to him and when I'm done, he won't respond.  I say his name he gives me a blank stare and a... "what?"

Oh nothing dear, I was just having a conversation with...myself!

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