Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mother's Day

As I approach my first Mother's Day at a mommy of two boys, I can't help but to think of my own mom. So this post, I write to her:

Only after being a mommy myself can I fathom all that you have done for me and everything that you have been through with me. The love, happiness, is all too great for words, but so is the worry. I cannot imagine how you must have felt all those times you had to watch me go away in the hands of the surgeons, holding me down while they poked me with their needles. Putting on a brave face for me when you are a nervous wreck inside. I had the easy part, I slept right through it!

I now understand all of those crazy rules you gave me growing up. Now I can't figure out how the heck you ever let us walk across town, ride the bus to school, let some high school kid watch us, stay home alone...DRIVE A CAR!!! The thought of my two boys doing any of this stuff scares me silly!

While I sit here writing this, listening to little Bennett babble and almost laugh at 10:00 at brings tears to my eyes, thinking of you. While I am enjoying my first Mother's Day as a mama of two...such a happy are dealing with the first Mother's Day without your mom. If I'm not able to see you tomorrow, please know I am thinking of you. I know Mother's Day will never be the same for you, but even though you are sad, remember, this day is to celebrate you too. For being such a wondering mother to your three kids, giving us all the love and support we need and helping all three of us become the wonderful, caring, successful adults that we are.

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Anonymous said...

I guess that I must have done a good job-my proof is in the adult children that I have now. Thanks for the thought put into writing this. I will treasure it forever.