Monday, March 21, 2011

Do you use re-usable shopping bags?

I have recently started using re-usable shopping bags when I do my grocery shopping.  I don't use them because I'm a 'green' person, or to help the environment, but because I'm tired of all of the plastic bags around the house.  I try not to throw them away, but recycle them when I go to Wal-Mart, so they would just sit around my house and pile up until hubby or I actually remembered to take them with us when we went shopping.

Even though I may not be doing it for the "right" reason, I should be proud for doing my part to keep these plastic bags out of the landfills.  So why do I feel like cashiers and people behind me in line are both rolling their eyes at me for being one of those people?  It may take a little extra time for the cashier to put the little bag in the bag holders, but so what?

But one negative thing I have discovered with using these re-usable bags?  For some reason these cashiers think that the re-usable bags are unbreakable and can hold anything and everything until it is filled to the matter what the weight!  The bag only costs a buck, how sturdy can they possibly be?

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