Sunday, March 20, 2011

Busy is an Understatement

Calling my life busy right now just doesn't cover it....

Started my next class last week.  The homework due on Wednesday is INSANE! Plus we have a group project due on the 30th and we haven't even started and can't find a time where the whole group can meet.  I'm just a little stressed.  But the teacher promised us that she loads us up in the beginning so we aren't so busy in the end (it's only 5 weeks long...can't we just spread it out evenly?).

I'm also a new member of a women's sorority, and we had a meeting on Thursday night, so I wasn't home two nights in a row. 

I couldn't tell you what I did yesterday, but it wasn't homework! I did get the living room cleaned and most of the laundry washed.  Now I just have to fold it and put it away.

Today my sorority had a family outing at the local bowling alley.  It was a great time, first time Caiden has even been bowling in a REAL bowling alley.  Before that, he had only been Wii bowling!  Bennett was a little tired and ended up going home early with Daddy for a nap while Caiden and I finished our games.  Caiden didn't do too bad either (of course he had the help of the gutter bumpers).  Wished I would have brought my camera so I could have recorded him throwing the ball. He sure has a style all his own!

And speaking of the camera,  I need to get it out and get a video of Bennett walking.  He's going to be a pro at it before I get his learning steps on camera. I think he is starting to figure out that walking is the way to go!

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Mom said...

Life can definitely be crazy at our house too! I used to think the little ones were a lot of work until I had teenagers and then grownup kids! All are needy and with 12 it seems like I'm hopping all the time, but I love my job.