Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Where Does Time Go?

Has it really been almost 5 months since I have posted on this site?  I can't believe the last time I was on here was Caiden's birthday in the middle of summer and we are now counting down the days until Christmas!
Gary's First Day Home

I love the Christmas season, and I am just as excited and unable to sleep on Christmas eve now as I was when I was a child.  It is just now the excitement has shifted to watching my boys open their presents.  And I am especially excited because I am able to spoil my boys a little more this year :)
To prepare for Christmas, we have put up the tree and Gary the Elf came to visit the day after Thanksgiving and has been keeping the boys on their toes ever since. They have so much fun looking for the little guy every morning.  He hasn't gotten as creative at our house as he is in others, but he has to stay up high so Bennett doesn't touch him. Wonder where he will end up tonight....
The family is doing good.  We have already had our first round of sick kids this season, with Bennett ending up with Influenza.  Luckily, he was over it in a day.  I felt so bad when he was so miserable that I hadn't taken the time to get his flu shot.  I know not everything thinks their kids should get the shot, but seeing that little guy, and being so miserable that he fell asleep on the floor of the doctor's office...if I can prevent that suffering, why not? 
Caiden is half way done with 2nd grade and Bennett is getting closer and closer to 3 years old every day!  I am still in school, but there is a light at the end of a very long tunnel.  I should be done with school by early 2014.  It seems like a long way away, but I started this journey in 2009, so it has already been a long road. I am now at the short end of the path.  When I am done I will have a Bachelor of Science Degree in Business with a minor in Management Information Systems.  I think I am already getting senior-itis, and can't wait for my 3 week long break between this class and my next one!

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