Saturday, October 10, 2009

Holy's been a month!

Holy cow people, it's been a month since I have posted on my blog! I'm sorry....time just flies by these days! So, what's been going on in this household? Same stuff different day!

I am 19 weeks pregnant and so far, everything looks good. Baby's heartbeat was 150 bpm yesterday. Feeling the baby move, which is totally awesome, although I'm starting to think baby never sleeps. My next ultrasounds is scheduled for November 6th. This is when some people would find out what they are having, but we have decided, as we did with Caiden, that we will not be finding out what we are having. Our toughest mission of course will be the baby's name...I have lots of likes for girls this time, but not really anything for a boy. Maybe it's a sign :)

Caiden seems pretty excited about the baby coming...he gives it hugs and kisses and tells me he loves my baby. Depending on the day he sometimes wants a brother, sometimes a sister. Last time I asked him, he told me he wants a sister because he loves girls!

Speaking of Caiden, you may be wondering how he is doing in school. He is doing great!! In the last couple of weeks, I have noticed that there is not a speck of sadness in him anymore when I drop him off in the morning. He still wants to waive bye everyday, but he is not sad anymore! He has made a lot of friends and he is learning tons of new things :)

Other than that, it is same old same old around here. I'm in an accounting class, and will be for the next 9 weeks....4 hours every Monday until December 7th. If you could actually hear me speaking this, you would hear the excitement dread in my voice. There is a light at the end of the tunnel though. This will be my last class until I am ready to go back after the baby is born!! YIPPEE!!!

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