Thursday, March 5, 2009


My husband got his wisdom teeth out today. And now, while he is blissfully snoring away, he has no idea how stressed I am. I had to listen to and remember all of the instructions we received form the oral surgeon. Next I had to go the pharmacy and pick up four different kinds of drugs and listen to their instructions....take pain killer with food, but don't take antibiotic with milk products...but somehow take them both at the same's he supposed to do that...he can't feel a thing?!?!

Not to mention the gauze I have to change.

Did I mention, I'm not a nurse...I have no idea what I'm doing! I had mine out, but I also had a broken jaw, so I was in the hospital while recovering.

So, do I wake him to do all this or let him sleep? At some point I'm thinking he's going to wake up in some major pain!

Poor guy...I know it's going to hurt. But I'm STRESSED too!

I worry too much!

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