Monday, September 22, 2008

First class over!

Well, my first class is over, and I just received my grade. I got an A! Woo Hoo!! I'm so excited, I just had to share :) So on to my next class, which is World Religions. I think it will be really interesting, and I'm sure I'll learn a lot!

One thing that is wonderful about going back to college as a returning adult...I think you get a lot more out of it, and appreciate it a lot more. You don't really look at it as just one more class, getting you closer to graduation and a degree. You really look at it as a learning opportunity, not as something you "have to do."

My first class was enviornmental science. I don't think I'll remember everything I learned in that class, but if nothing else, the class has made me more aware...aware of what I'm throwing away, what I'm wasting and what I can do to help the environment.

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